Welcome to the home page of the Foss Junction MRR.
Foss Junction MRR is an 'S' (1:64) scale, home switching layout with the local industries connected by a 12' x 20' oval.

    Daily action focuses on switching two major industrial centers. One is located at Foss Junction itself, while the other is off a branch line to Stout Fence Company.

    The Chief Operations Officer of the Foss Junction Model Railroad has both a historical and modeling interest in the prototypes of the Detroit & Mackinaw and the Pere Marquette Railways.

Prototype Inspiration
    Old railroad maps of Michigan and Bay City show the original Foss Junction once served the Detroit & Mackinaw, Pere Marquette and New York Central.  The D&M had trackage rights west along the PM into downtown Bay City and the depot. The PM had rights across the D&M going north over the Saginaw River by way of a swing bridge.  The D&M and the NYC also had connections at Foss Junction.
    Foss Jct today exists in a different configuration and is used by the Lake State Railway, CSX and the Central Michigan Railroad.
Click here for a 1970s view of Foss Junction.