Foss Junction
The prototype:

Swing Bridge
Foss Junction

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Foss Junction as it is today. A large swing bridge crosses the Saganaw River at Bay City (above left photo).  Train movements were controlled by a signal board, operated manually by trainmen on the ground (above right photo). When originally built the signal was illuminated with red lanterns hung from the ends of the signal board.  Prototype photos by Jan Burdzinski.

Sing Bridge



Foss Junction
The Model:
S Scale    1:64

Pere Marquette Berkshire #1225 pulls a freight train across the swing bridge and enters the freight yard in Bay City. Model photos by David Held




Foss Jct






Local westbound freight train stops for orders at the Foss Junction Tower.






Foss jct 03






The brakeman having a lengthy conversation with the tower master at Foss Junction. The freight train is west bound toward Kawkawlin.







West Yard









Foss Junction Interchange yard sorts freight traffic from the D&M, PM and the NYC. The set-out and pickup tracks on the left and the interchange track on the right.




Interchange area


Foss Junction Interchange on another day. Steam power still has some clout on the railroad. Here we have three freight trains in a chance meet as they head through the Junction.

Loco on the left is the new River Raisin Models 0-6-0, #20 painted in Foss Junction livery. Next is the SHS 2-8-0 painted for D&M #150.

On the far right is a River Raisin Models PM Berkshire #1225 and next on the left is an AM Pacific, painted D &M #227. All units are DCC and sound equipped.




Freight train leaving D & M Yard






Freight train leaving the D & M Yard headed for Foss Junction. The hand laid curved turnout was the work of David Held with some help from Bob Stelmach.







Stout Siding





Busy industrial area servicing Foss Junction. Lots of interchange between the railroads and the truck freight lines.







0-6-0 #231



Foss Junction 0-6-0 #231 leaving the Junction for switching duties in the industrial area.